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            Introduction of Disciplines for Characteristic Overseas Students
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            Applied Economics

            1.General Situation of the Subject
            Applied Economics in Jiangsu University was set up in the 1980s. After its establishment, it opened Industrial Foreign Trade, Statistics, Finance, Insurance and Public Finance majors. Under the orientation of developing high-level, distinctive and international research university and the research-oriented transformation of the School of Finance and Economics, Applied Economics, striving for the purpose of future doctoral degree station application, has cultivated top talents and formed excellent research teams and has played a leading role in discipline construction, and has set up the research platforms and integrated innovative teams by undertaking major research projects, etc.

            2.Disciplinary Highlights
            On the basis of the master's degree of International Trade and by integrating the research resources and achievements in Industrial Economics, Finance, Regional Economics, etc., Applied Economics has developed the following five main research areas: Open Economy and Industrial Development, International Trade and Transnational Investment, Financial Theory and Risk Management, Energy Economy and Environment, Regional Economic Development and Innovation Evaluation. These five fields are relatively stable and characteristic, and made lots of achievements in research.


            1.General Situation of the Subject
            Statistics in Jiangsu University was founded in 1986. In 1997, it was the first authorized station for offering master's degree in statistics in Jiangsu Province. In 2010, it was granted with master's degree in professional applied statistics. In 2011, it was authorized as the first level discipline of master's degree in statistics, and in 2012, it was nominated as the key specialty of Jiangsu Province “the 12th Five-Year Plan”.

            2.Disciplinary Highlights
            Statistics in Jiangsu University has an Innovative Economic Development and Evaluation Center, and is the Statistical Applied Research Base of Jiangsu Province and the Statistical Scientific Research Base of Jiangsu Province. It also has a CATI Laboratory. The Statistical Professional Laboratory is equipped with SPSS, SAS, Eviews, Stata and other statistical software. With the help of the high-level research platforms and research bases, the Statistics discipline has formed three distinctive directions: Theory and Methods of Scientific and Technological Statistics, Economic Statistics and Big Data Analysis, and Methods and Applications of Mathematical Statistics.


            1.General Situation of the Subject
            Accounting in Jiangsu University originated from the "industrial accounting" in 1984. In 1985, as early as Nanjing University, Accounting in Jiangsu University began to receive "Industrial Accounting (undergraduate)" students. In 1996, it added "Trade Accounting" and began to recruit Master students of Accounting. In 2003, it was nominated as the Top-notch Major of Jiangsu University and the provincial specialty of Jiangsu Province. In 2005, it was authorized to run Ph.D. program "Economic Systems Analysis and Management", and began to receive Ph.D. candidates in accounting area. In 2011, it was permitted to receive students for Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc). In 2012, it opened a new class for "Chartered Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) in Britain", and in the same year, it was approved as the key specialty of Jiangsu Province “the 12th Five-Year Plan”. In 2013, it started to recruit overseas students for "Master of Accounting ". In 2015, it started to recruit overseas students for "Bachelor of Accounting ".

            2.Disciplinary Characteristics
            On the basis of master's degree in accounting and by integrating the research strength and achievements in Accounting, Financial Management, Finance and Statistics, this discipline formed three research fields: accounting theory and practice, corporate finance theory and practice, audit theory and practice. A certain amount of research has been accumulated and some achievements have been made.


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