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            Professor liu zhibiao of Nanjing university was specially invited by the school of finance and economics to give an a... 2018-12-13
            The International Student Festival was successfully completed 2018-11-20
            Professor Shi Xiang from the University of Adelaide, Australia, gave lectures 2018-11-16
            The SFE held a Sino-US trade friction seminar 2018-11-15
            The teacher and students of SFE attended the International Academic Conference at the University of Western Australia 2018-10-09
            Professor Qu Chuang from Economics School of Shandong University gave lectures 2018-09-24
            Exchange meeting of Chinese and foreign international trade students was held 2018-09-21
            The School of Finance and Economics held 2018 Opening Ceremony 2018-09-12
            Jindong Paper's Internship of the Financial Management Department Ended Successfully 2018-07-07
            Emancipate the mind and promote development, making Remarkable Achievements 2018-07-04
            The Hengshun vinegar Industry Internship of the Teachers and Students of the Financial Management Department is Succe... 2018-07-03
            Students from the School of Finance and Economics Went to Zhenjiang City CDC to Participate in Summer Social Practice 2018-07-02

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