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            The laboratory of SFE

            The establishment of Financial Center Laboratory which is affiliated to the School of Finance and Economics was approved by Jiangsu University in April, 2009. The laboratory is mainly designed to meet the needs of undergraduate professional courses, and with its auxiliary function of assisting the education of postgraduates and the academic research of teachers. The laboratory covers 390 square meters, consists of 4 computer rooms, and offers 252 seats. It is open to all the students and teachers in the University.

            The main teaching software used in the laboratory includes: UFIDA Financial Affairs Software, SPSS/PASW, Practical Cashier Training Platform, International Trade Simulation, International Freight Forwarding Agent Experiment, College Financial Simulation software, Commercial Bank Services Simulation software and insurance practice simulation software.
            The main hardware equipped in the laboratory includes 3 servers, 190 computers, and 3 multi-media platforms.
            The laboratory serves the lab-learning projects of more than 1700 undergraduates of the School of Finance and Economics, and the practical computer-based training projects of other departments.

            The overall goal of the laboratory construction is to establish a new experimental platform while complying with the social requirement of the undergraduate and postgraduate students and the development of the discipline, to conduct a deeper academic study on the information and data obtained through advanced methods so as to display the economic laws, to cultivate research teams and senior economic management talents who have solid professional knowledge, good comprehensive quality, and strong operation and innovation capability. The ultimate goal of the laboratory is to improve the comprehensive quality of Finance & Economics majors, and its purpose is to cultivate talents with strong practical ability and innovative spirits. The laboratory follows the key line of experimental teaching construction—experimental teaching reform—experimental teaching effects, highlights the standardization, institutionalization and scientification of experimental teaching management as well as the accomplishment of laboratory construction, and to display the achievements of the lab construction, experimental teaching team and the reform of experimental teaching. We will try our best to build the Financial Center laboratory into an experimental teaching model at the university level with optimized structure, orderly management, openness and practical applicability, and resources sharing.

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