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            Introduction of the School of Finance and Economics
              The School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University was formally established in April, 2006 and is combined by four subordinate departments: International Economic and Trade Department, Accounting, Statistics and Finance. At present, the school offers one doctoral program on Economic System Analysis and Management, one M. A. Degree-conferring Spots for First-level Discipline of Applied Economics, three master's programs of Accounting, Statistics, International Trade respectively and three professional master degrees-conferring spots of Accounting, Asset Evaluation and Applied Statistics which are supporting... [ more... ]
            Professor liu zhibiao of Na... 2018-12-13
            The International Student F... 2018-11-20
            Professor Shi Xiang from th... 2018-11-16
            The SFE held a Sino-US trad... 2018-11-15
            The teacher and students of... 2018-10-09
            Professor Qu Chuang from Ec... 2018-09-24
            Introduction of Disciplines for Characteristic Overseas Students 2018-12-20
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